In today’s day and age, Toronto is often referred to as the city of neighbourhoods.

With a hop, skip and a jump, you can transition from a neighbourhood comprised of million dollar estates to one that feels like you’ve been transported back in time to the sixties. For both tourists and locals alike, it’s safe to say that this notion of diversity is one of the reasons that Toronto is such a widely celebrated city.

The Cycle of Change

As with the rest of the city, these neighbourhoods are in a constant cycle of change. Just like that, a neighbourhood that was once sleepy and uninspiring can suddenly transition to one that is vibrant and the unofficial home to the city’s coolest hot spots.

This is exactly what has happened to Gerrard East – A small pocket on Toronto’s east side of town. While the area has been on the rise in recent years, it’s only this year that the area has officially witnessed it’s boom. Young families are flocking to the area, home renovations are on the rise and some of the most celebrated foodies and bartenders in the city are establishing roots here.

Location, Location, Location

So, where exactly is Gerrard East?

To find yourself in the Gerrard East neighbourhood, you’re going to have to cross the DVP from the downtown core. Once you’re officially situated in Toronto’s east end, you can explore the stretch of Gerrard East between Broadview and Logan.

This fifteen-minute stretch is considered to be the best section of Gerrard East. Here, you can enjoy a wide selection of cocktail bars, local roasteries, boutique fitness studios and top-notch restaurants. From this area, you can easily walk south to the ever-so-popular Riverside neighbourhood and explore all the best bars and restaurants along Queen Street East.


As it turns out, eating beyond the Don Valley is a pretty good decision these days.

If Blog TO and Toronto Life are your main source for the city’s newest restaurants, it’s safe to say you’ll be finding yourself in the east end a lot more frequently. These days, it seems that a  handful of the best restaurants are finding themselves east of the DVP. Of these newly opened restaurants, the majority are popping up along Gerrard East.

If you’re looking for fine french fare, be sure to visit Bodega Henriette. For some of the best Asian-inspired cuisine and an extensive beer list, book a table at Lake Inez. And, if you’re in the mood for fresh seafood and some local wine, head to Wynona.

As the area continues to boom, we can only expect the food and drink scene to become even better.

Cocktail Bars and Breweries

Up until a few short years ago, heading to Gerrard East for a few drinks wasn’t exactly a thing to do. Nowadays, the area is bustling with some of the hottest cocktail bars in the city. Let’s take Pinkerton Snack Bar, for example.

This local haunt first opened their doors sometime in 2016. With an Instagram-worthy interior and a killer menu, it wasn’t long before this became a go-to spot in the city for Asian-inspired small plates and some top-notch cocktails. Following suit, a number of cool and crafty cocktail bars slowly began to populate the area.

Nowadays, you can look forward to a crowd that’s generally older than your typical downtown crowd. After paying tribute to Pinkerton, be sure to check out Poor Romeo, Yardside and Farside. For those itching for an out-the-beaten path bar crawl, it’s safe to say that Gerrard East is a solid option.

Real Estate

Have you been scouring the city for the latest and greatest new hood?

If you ask any urban realtor, they’ll tell you that real estate in Gerrard East is moving on up. That being said, this neighbourhood is still considered to be relatively up and coming compared to surrounding neighbourhoods such as The Danforth, Riverdale and Leslieville.

While there are impressive pockets with flashy homes and top-of-the-line sport’s cars parked in the drive, this isn’t the case for all. Fortunately, the not-so-great areas are a solid investment opportunity for any prospective homeowner. So, if you’ve been yearning to find a fixer-upper in an up-and-coming place, Gerrard East should officially be your target neighbourhood.

So, Where to Go From Here?

For those in search of their next neighbourhood to call home, there’s good news.

While Gerrard is certainly on the up and coming, there’s still time to plant roots here before prices officially begin to skyrocket. When the area really starts to explode in the next few years, you’ll be glad that you chose to settle here when you did.

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