You’ve moved cities only to discover that rent on your own is incredibly expensive.

Sure, you can splurge and spend the majority of your earnings on a swanky one-bedroom apartment. But, it’s safe to say that your bank account just might shed a few tears in shelling out this monthly rent cheque.

With respect to your savings, it’s all the more likely that you’ll find yourself bunking up with a roommate. Best case scenario? You and your roomie become BFFS, share duties meal prepping and live happily ever after.

Fabulous? Certainly. Realistic? Well, maybe.

The Not-So-Simple Art of Cohabitation

In all seriousness, living with a roommate can be challenging even with a positive relationship. At a certain age, it begins to feel unnatural living alongside another being that’s not a partner or a family member.

If you’re practicing the art of cohabitation, this one’s for you. We’re sharing our four most practical tips on how to live with a roommate and yield a positive relationship.

Set Ground Rules

First things first, it’s time to set some ground rules.

Yes, it’s awkward and uncomfortable at the best of times but establishing rules has to be done. Without setting these rules ahead of time, both parties are going to experience unnecessary frustration. This is bound to happen even to the closest of friends who choose to bunk up together.

Be honest and upfront about what makes you tick. If you can’t stand the thought of dishes sitting out overnight, be sure to let your roommate know. If you plan to have your partner over half the week, this should be a discussion ahead of time. Knowing these boundaries in advance is sure to help avoid bad feelings in the future.

Create Opposite Schedules

So, what’s the key to finding the perfect roommate?

Finding one that’s never home, of course! In all seriousness, having the exact same schedule as your roommate is sure to cause problems eventually. Try your best to find a roommate that doesn’t share the same schedule as you.

If you do share a similar schedule, this doesn’t have to mean that your co-living situation is doomed from the start. Instead, make an active effort to schedule your daily habits, activities and even meals slightly outside of theirs. Not only will this save you from stepping on one another’s toes, but it will allow the time that you do spend together to be more enjoyable.

Track Your Expenses

What’s that one thing that can cause even the closest of roommates to race in opposite directions?

You got it – money.

Ah, yes, the financial awkwardness of cohabitation. If you’ve ever had a roommate, you know first-hand that dividing the bills, groceries and shared goods can be incredibly awkward. When you’re the one that bought the toilet paper three times in a row, it’s not easy to keep from getting irritated.

With thanks to technology, you can download apps that automatically split bills or transfer money between two parties. In a matter of seconds, you can easily transfer your roommate your share of this month’s hydro bill.

Create a Chore Chart

Chore charts are admittedly a little Type A.
Okay, okay, they’re a lot Type A.

But, let’s consider this: With a chore chart, each person knows ahead of time which household duties they’re responsible for. Not only is this going to prevent your apartment from resembling a college dorm, but it’s also going to help steer clear of mutual frustration.

Of course, a chore doesn’t have to be a physical display. Instead, it can be a simple discussion that outlines who is responsible for the cleaning duties within the apartment. While one roommate might be in charge of a weekly bathroom clean the other is in charge of a weekly vacuuming and mopping.

Sorting this type of schedule out beforehand is sure to avoid the art of passive aggressive notes. When it comes to co-living, it’s safe to say that the less passive aggressive notes being stuck on the fridge the better.

Last but Not Least…

Perhaps most important of all…

It’s time to ditch the snooze button! Come on, no roommate wants to co-experience your sleep cycle whilst sharing the same wall. It looks like your morning sleep routine is about to get a little more abrupt.

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