Has it ever occurred to you that choosing a real estate agent is a lot like dating?

You might start by interviewing a number of different agents. In doing so, you ask them a number of questions, study their tendencies and decide which agent is the best fit for the time being. From here, you start dating and you’ll eventually seal the deal by signing a representation agreement. Just like that, you’ve officially landed yourself a real estate agent.

But, like dating, these things don’t always work out for the better. Shortly after becoming official, you start to notice some red flags here and there. As you spend more time together, these red flags become more and more common. As it turns out, this agent just isn’t the right match for you.

Does this sound familiar? To help, we’re highlighting five signs that you’re working with the wrong real estate agent.

They Take Forever to Reply

Like dating, an agent that’s a bad communicator is never going to work.

When you want to see a property, it’s imperative that your agent is available to communicate with you and facilitate that appointment. If you can’t get in touch with your agent, how are you supposed to get anything done?

As with a partner, good communication between both parties is absolutely essential.

They’re Never Available

Of course, your agent would love to take you out on showings this weekend.

But, as it turns out, they’re actually cottaging until Monday evening. Tuesday is looking a little busy and then it’s off to New York for a conference until the following week. How’s next Thursday?

Put simply, this type of schedule is never going to work in a fast-paced market. If your agent is rarely available for showings, it might be time to move on. Just like a partner, you deserve an agent that is going to give you the time and energy that you deserve.

It Feels Uncomfortable

If your time together is uncomfortable, it probably isn’t a match.

After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person. This includes seeing them on weekends, weekdays and sometimes even holidays. You’re also going to be in constant communication with this person through text, phone and email.

If the chemistry between the two of you is anything but positive, it might be time to move on. As with dating, it’s safe to say that there’s another agent out there who is likely a more fitting match.

They Pressure You

A home is likely the most significant purchase you’ll ever make in your lifetime.

In such a large transaction, the last thing you should experience from your agent is any feeling of pressure. This might be pressure to increase your purchase price, sign paperwork that you don’t understand or to offer on a home that you don’t feel is “the one”.

Far too often, agents will put pressure on their clients in order to finalize a transaction. The right agent for you is one that is able to guide you without enforcing pressure. You want to feel that you have their support rather than feeling that you’re a burden to their schedule.

They Act Immorally to Others

When you witness an agent acting immorally towards others, it’s time to run!

This could include anyone from the concierge at condo building to the listing agent of a home that you’re viewing. If your agent is willing to lie or be deceitful towards these people, you can bet that they’re willing to do the same to you.

Remember, how your agent treats others is a good indicator as to how they might treat you in the future. When the going gets tough, you want to ensure that your agent is one that is moral and upstanding.

It’s Time to Find Your Match

When it comes time to finding the right agent for you, don’t hesitate to think of it like dating. You want to find an agent that you enjoy spending time with, communicates often and makes time in their schedule for you.

Just like dating, you’re going to know when you’ve found the right match.

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