Real estate has operated the same way for the last century: it’s time for disruption. It’s time for the industry to embrace digital technology and join the twenty-first century — and Nobul delivers!


Nobul truly is the world’s only open digital marketplace connecting home buyers and sellers to the right real estate agent for them. Nobul’s revolutionary platform introduces transparency, choice, accountability, and simplicity to the real estate industry by enabling consumers to choose the agent who presents the combination of services, pricing, reputation, and fit that is best-suited to them personally.


Nobul provides home buyers and sellers with a suite of tools and information to help find them the right agent. Nobul pairs education and information as to how the real estate process actually works with an open digital marketplace where consumers can compare, and contrast agents based on the specific services and pricing that they are willing to provide. 


Nobul does not try and dictate how agents should behave nor assume what consumers want. Rather, Nobul enables consumers and agents to pair up in the way that works best for them, individually, one-by-one.

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