Give a Big, Warm Welcome to Florida!

It’s been a month filled with exciting announcements from nobul, and we’re not done yet! This week, we officially received our license in Florida. What does this mean? In just a few short weeks, home buyers and sellers in Florida will be able to access our online marketplace on the web or through their mobile devices.

This is our first step into the U.S. market and we are not stopping there. We plan to expand across all 50 U.S. states with our services available in a few more by the end of September.

Keep checking our website and our social accounts for news on when we will be in your state!

Read our Press Release, in full, below:

Nobul Corporation, a Canadian real estate technology platform that connects consumers with the right real estate agent for them, is now licensed to serve customers in Florida, with plans to expand across all 50 U.S. states over the coming months. The Toronto-based company is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its digital solution that addresses common challenges faced by consumers looking to buy or sell a home.

“Our simple, transparent, and personal approach to the real estate experience is already resonating with consumers in Canada. We are really excited to bring the same value and benefits to our friends across the border,” said Nobul CEO, Regan McGee. “Florida is a wonderful and diverse market with a mix of consumers, agents and needs; the perfect fit for Nobul. We are thrilled to be able to announce it as the first of many states where our service will be available shortly.”

Since introducing its mobile and web apps earlier this year, Nobul has grown quickly, expanding across Canada and now Florida. Following Nobul’s receipt of a Florida license, home buyers and sellers in the state will soon be able to access Nobul’s online marketplace via the web or their mobile device, and choose an agent who presents the combination of services, pricing, and reputation that is best-suited to their individual needs. Florida-based agents, in turn, will be able to meet new clients and grow their businesses without having to pay any fees up-front, join another company, or buy any new technology.

“Nobul’s timing is perfect and addresses an immediate need,” said Frank Kirschner, Nobul Broker of Record for Florida, a 37 year industry veteran, and former Director of International Operations for Prudential Real Estate. “The concept is brilliant and simple; providing cutting-edge technology that works for both consumers and agents alike. Nobul matches home buyers and sellers to the right real estate agent for them based on the services they are committed to provide, for a small referral fee. It’s simple and a clear win/win.”

In addition to Florida, Nobul is expected to be available to consumers and agents in a variety of additional U.S. markets by late September.

About Nobul Corporation
Nobul Corporation, Brokerage is a disruptive real estate marketplace that makes the process of buying and selling a home more transparent, personal, and simple. Nobul’s service platforms—both web and mobile applications—enable consumers to search for and hire the real estate agent whose combined services options, pricing, and reputation best suits their needs.


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