Keep Calm and Carry On: Avoiding a Potential Housing Market Crash in 2019

This week in nobul news: What to do about the surging number of high-rise condos that continue to block the already waning winter sun from city skies; rocketing commercial rents are pushing business owners out to the streets; and, are we prepared for a potential housing market crash in the new year? Read all about the real estate news affecting you.


Crash course

The year 2018 was quite the rollercoaster ride for Canadian homebuyers. As markets continue to cool along both coasts, and everywhere in between, expectations are high for next year. But could Canada, as some industry experts suggest, be in for a complete housing market crash in 2019?

[Global News]


Failure is not on the menu

A very modern problem: what happens when rents are so high that food-focused business owners are forced from the units? Some abandon all hope of achieving any semblance of the great Canadian dream; others get creative – very creative.

[The Globe and Mail]


Setting a bad example

Many major cities are experiencing a boon in condominium development – and everyone has an opinion on just how much is too much. As residents currently grapple with early winter evenings, the number of high-rise buildings blocking out what little sunlight exists is becoming a real issue. What do you think?

[Toronto Star]


Spend wisely

Who couldn’t use some helpful tips on saving money as a new homeowner? The first few years in a new home can be the most challenging – financially, among other things – and with the holidays around the corner, some newbies can find themselves completely overwhelmed. Are you, or someone you know, feeling the burn? Relax, and read on.




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