Our Fantas-tech Trip to San Francisco

Last week, members of our nobul team flew down to San Francisco to join some of the world’s most noteworthy start-ups at TechCrunch Disrupt! Fresh on the heels of our recent version 2.0 web app launch, we were very excited to tell everyone about all of our new features.

The nobul booth was definitely a hotspot for many of those in attendance, keeping our team busy throughout the course of the three-day conference. One of the most frequently asked questions: how does nobul differ from competitors, like Redfin or Compass? Well, first and foremost, nobul has no upfront costs for anyone—homebuyers, sellers or agents. What does this mean, you ask? Well, if you are a home buyer or seller, you can:

  • Log on to our platform, completely free of charge, to find and match with an agent.
  • Choose from a number of certified agents who are experts in your region, giving you greater transparency, and a greater chance at finding the right agent that fits your individual needs.


But that’s not all: Nobul is also an agent’s best friend! No upfront fees for agents to join our platform and connect with potential clients.

Lots of great questions—and lots of interest. Disrupters from around the globe, working in various industries, were left impressed by nobul’s use of innovative technologies.

Reid Hoffman, former co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn

But a conference is nothing without some keynote speakers! Actor Ashton Kutcher talked extensively about his investments in technology; “Silicon Valley” co-creator, Mike Judge, revealed what to expect for the sixth season of the ground-breaking television show; and our CEO’s favorite podcast host, Reid Hoffman, gave some valuable advice about scaling up your business!

Our nobul team (L-R: President, Michel Valentik, Communications Manager, Jessica Domingo, Engineering Team Lead, Rahul Ramesh)

Overall, TechCrunch Disrupt was a fun and exciting experience for nobul. We cannot wait to meet with more industry insiders at future events. Up next: Toronto Fall Home Show!

We are bringing nobul across the country, so stay tuned for more information as to where we will be next!

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