Meet the executives

Tim Brown


Tim Brown is the Chief Operating Officer at Nobul, responsible for overseeing the company’s operations and executing the company’s business plans.

Tim has over twenty years of experience launching innovative and disruptive products in the financial services and real estate markets. Tim’s expertise lies in successfully driving innovation and maximizing return on investment by turning business needs into strategic solutions.

Prior to joining Nobul, Tim was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Marlborough Stirling Canada, a Fintech company that provides solutions to mortgage brokers and lenders, and processes forty-five percent of all mortgages in Canada.

He has also served as the Vice President of Product at Dolphin Enterprises, a company furnishing complete end to end technology services for MIC’s, syndication and private mortgage lending.

Tim excels at scaling start-ups into large growth organizations by building high performance teams, optimizing profit through strategic growth, enhancing operational efficiencies and developing a culture focused on the consumer experience.