Tips to Help You Prepare for Holiday Guests

Planning to host a party or have overnight guests this holiday season? With decor, food and more to consider, preparing for your guests can be an overwhelming experience. To help you out, we bring you five tips to keep in mind when getting your home ready for company.

Tip 1: Create an inviting atmosphere for the moment guests arrive

First impressions are important! Set the tone from the moment your guests walk up to your door.  Prepare the outside of your home by ensuring that porch lights are working, then roll out a slip-proof mat for the foot of your door. Inside, place a rug (you won’t mind getting dirty) in the foyer to protect your floors from mud and snow. Clear out any clutter to allow for easy access in and out – you can even add a bench for your guests to effortlessly remove boots and shoes.

Tip 2: Make room for coat storage

Storage for outerwear during the winter season can be challenging as it is. Think ahead! Clear out your own coats so that company has ample room for their things. If you know the number of guests ahead of time, try keeping a portable garment rack nearby.

Tip 3: Prep your guest rooms or create extra space for overnight guests

To prepare for overnight guests, lay out fresh sheets, set aside clean towels and make space for any overnight bags they may bring. If you are using your spare room for storage, make sure to declutter well before your guests arrive. Don’t have a guest room? Or, need more than one? Air mattresses are a great investment, and are relatively easy to store and pull out, as needed. Another thoughtful element to incorporate is a welcome kit, including all of the essentials: bottled water, extra toiletries, magazines or a book, and a welcome note with important house info (wi-fi password, location of extra towels, etc.)

Tip 4: Prepare coffee and snacks

The last thing guests want to do is rummage through your kitchen searching for food. Make it easy for them by creating convenient coffee and snack stations with all the necessities. For coffee, prepare a station in your kitchen with regular and decaf coffee, assorted tea bags for the non-coffee drinkers, filters, spoons, sugar, creamers and mugs. For snacks, store them in plain sight throughout your house. Stock up on savory mixes and healthier options, like almonds, dried fruit and, of course, plenty of holiday chocolates.

Tip 5: Fill your home with holiday scents and festive music

There is nothing like an inviting, holiday scent, and the sound of carols in the air, to get you in the festive spirit. Bring the magic to your space by creating a simple stovetop potpourri with items you already have in your pantry. Combine a few cups of water, a halved orange, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves and a dash of nutmeg in a saucepan. Simmer on low for a few hours, adding more water, if needed. As for music, create a festive playlist ahead of time – Spotify and YouTube are great places to start.


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