Welcome, Nobul India

Guess what? We’ve got more exciting news to share – we’re going international! 

The nobul family is growing once again. We are thrilled to announce our international expansion into Gurugram,
India – Nobul Software India. Our expansion beyond our Toronto Headquarters aims to utilize talent globally to help
us further develop nobul’s marketplace and to help us build the future of real estate!  

We’re so excited to welcome an incredibly talented – growing – team to the nobul family!

Read our Press Release, in full, below: 

Nobul Corporation, a Canadian real estate technology platform, is proud to announce the opening of a new development office in Gurugram, India. This investment is expected to accelerate the development of Nobul’s next-generation of marketplace features including the incorporation of blockchain smart contracts into the platform.

“Nobul is focused on building a world-class, consumer-centric marketplace, and we are thrilled to be supported by our new office in Gurugram,” said Nobul CEO, Regan McGee. “The talent in India is incredible, and we are privileged to be able to draw from the best and brightest in the industry as we build the future of real estate.”

The new office, located in one of India’s leading tech hubs, will play an integral role in executing Nobul’s transformational product development plans. The company has been continuously adding new features and enhancing the user experience for their customers over the last few months. Alongside supporting these ongoing development efforts every month, the Gurugram office will also help drive the company’s international expansion.

“At Nobul, we are well on our way to disrupting the real estate industry, and I’m delighted to be a part of the journey as we build out the right set of complimentary skills and capabilities here in India to match what we already have in Canada,” said President of Nobul India Software, Rajiv Taneja. “Given the tremendous talent pool available to us here, we expect to hire a significant contingent of world-class resources, over the next several months, to support the company’s incredible growth plans.”

Nobul India is expected to work closely and collaboratively with Nobul’s head office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

About Nobul Corporation

Nobul Corporation, Brokerage is a disruptive real estate web and mobile application marketplace that makes the process of buying and selling a home more transparent, personal and simple. Nobul’s service platforms—both web and mobile applications—enable consumers to search for and hire the real estate agent whose combined services options, pricing and reputation best suits their needs.


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