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For thousands of Ontarians heading to the polls today, housing affordability will surely be a hot topic issue. The reasonable measures put forth last year by Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government—higher interest rates and tighter lending regulations—resulted in a cooling period for home buying activity and......


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This week in nobul news: fighting back against the push for too much information; Vancouver’s troubling split personality; and a change in climate makes  Vancouver: Misunderstood, mismanaged, or both? Vancouver is currently in the midst of an identity crisis: multimillion-dollar estates feature driveways dotted with......

This week in nobul news: Canada’s largest city hits another, less-than desirable real estate record; the controversy surrounding little houses in the Prairies; and cinema’s “raging bull” brings extra-pricey sushi to Toronto. Toronto is now the fifth most expensive city in the world That’s right,......

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